* The two 'experiment' pieces were made when I was exploring the aural world of this production. They didn't appear in the final sound design but worked as inspirations and were my own artistic response. 

Original music for HUMANE, a new six-part audio drama 'tour' by Polly Creed, directed by Imy Wyatt Corner and produced by John Ainsworth. Listen to the podcast here


Sound Design for Bath Time, a short audio drama written by Daisy Hall, performed by Jason Watkins and Anna Chancellor, and directed by Hannah de Ville. Listen to the podcast here

Underscore composition for BREATHE, an audio experience created by Jordana Golbourn and students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School. It is a gift of thanks to teachers for their support during the last year and a new type of guided meditation sending everyone the message of the importance of self-care and self-love.

Part of Take the Stage programmed at Donmar Warehouse (about the programme here)

A visual and sound interpretation on 'ignorance is bliss'. Conceived and visuals by Karta Kaur, sound by me.

Imaginarium Trailer
00:00 / 00:58

Audio trailer created for experimental immersive audio experience Imaginarium. I wrote the script for this trailer and used snippets from the show together with new recordings and underscores.

Soundscape created for Punk Theatre Movement launch event. Voices were recorded by participants of a wellbeing workshop, describing a sound, a taste, and a smell of their Covid lockdowns, and sent to me. I composed concept of the underscore in advance, and made adjustments with the vocal recordings on the spot. This piece was played at the end of the whole event and the music at the end was made loop-able to accompany the host's short speech.